Wine Cellar FAQs

Q: Why should I refrigerate a wine cellar instead of leaving it untreated?
A: Having a wine cellar with proper temperature control is imperative for preserving any fine wine collection.

Q: What is the process for building a custom wine cellar, and how long does it take?
A: We work with teams in phases on your projects. Some cellars can be built in a short time, and larger ones can take 18 months or longer.

Q: Where can I build a wine cellar on my property?
A: There are many places that one can build, including, basement, library, laundry facility, or even custom build from an existing structure such as a work shed.

Q: What kind and size jobs can Phil Finer do?
A: We do all sizes big and small, in order to meet clients' budgets. From private residences to commercial wineries, there is no limit to our creativity.

Q: What locations does Phil Finer service?
A: We are an international company, since 1976. We have provided Wine Storage Environmental Systems for Cellars throughout the World.

Q: What is the average cost range of your projects?
A: Each project is unique and special, as our clients are. Please contact us via email or phone below in order to give you an exact quote on your project.

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