Mr. JB Estes
Telephone: 650.366.6656
Fax: 650.366.3602
Email: j_b_estes@philfiner.com

Know the fundamentals of HVAC / Refrigeration Technology and apply this knowledge to a variety of applications, situations, and conditions. For the long term aging store of wine: should know how to read blueprints & assemble and install our custom design and environmental system in a specific area, to mount electrical wiring, controls & recording devices, remove air from system and change it with specified amount and type of refrigerant, test lines, components and connections for leaks with leak detector which indicate presence of refrigerant, evaluate the cooling capacity of system. Must take and record pressure and temperature readings test runs and needed repairs.

Degree: AA Degree or its equivalent.
Field: HVAC / Refrigeration Technology (heating & refrigeration mechanics) or electrical equipment maintenance or maintenance engineering.
Experience: 1 year experience in the field of heating & air conditioning mechanics & must have EPA certification (Environmental Protection Agency).

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