Bio Medical Environments

While refrigerants have changed the refrigeration principles remain the same. What has changed is the component technology which allows us to now control temperatures more precisely with more reliably.

We use BioCold Environmental products which include a complete line of Prefab Walk-In Environmental Rooms and Large Capacity Reach-In Incubator/Stability Chambers. They manufacture as standard any size and configuration.

We work directly with companies such as Copeland, Honeywell, Alco Valve, Sporlan Valve, Fuji Electric, and more to obtain the latest technologies for refrigeration control systems.

Industrial Stability Testing
Bio Science Research Labs
Pharmaceutical labs
Scientific Research
Life Science Applications

Cold labs: +4C
Incubators: +5C above ambient to+60C +15C to +60C, +37C
Freezers: -20C below

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